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2018’s Hottest Backyard Amenity: Detached Living Spaces

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Forget a pool or a BBQ area on your deck. Something else is trending this year as a must-have backyard amenity, and that’s sheds. Yes…you read that right.

These aren’t your typical sheds where you store junk or your gardening tools. They are luxurious, multi-purpose living spaces that just happen to be detached from the rest of your home.

The reason for their rise in popularity? Privacy, for one. There’s no one—and no surrounding noises from your disruptive family or neighbors—to make you lose your focus. It’s all you, the shed and whatever your No. 1 priority is for the day. Not to mention, if you have a lush and peaceful backyard, the view is a plus.

So, what do these look like? Anything you can imagine. From hobbit hole-style sheds to more contemporary glass structures, these can take the form that best suits your needs. And what are they used for? That depends on you.

For those looking to get some work done with no distractions and no access to the kitchen, where you’ll munch the day away, a luxury shed can be the perfect place to set up an office.

Source: Tuff Shed

For artists looking to find an inspired area to paint, a studio shed can do wonders. Some may even use these sheds as a fluid space that blends the outdoors and indoors, creating a relaxing place for meditation or yoga.

Source: StudioShed

Or, they can even be a great play space for your kids—especially those with quirky designs like the hobbit hole sheds. Whatever the need is, a backyard shed is this year’s answer.

Source: Wooden Wonders

How much do they cost? Well, that varies depending on how large or complex you want your shed to be. According to StudioShed, a manufacturer of modern sheds, single-room studios can start around $9,600, while larger spaces, such as for guest rooms, can run around $25,000. For those who are looking for more intricate designs like the hobbit hole, that typically involves hiring an architect and that could cause the price to skyrocket—unless you’re handy and can design and build it yourself.

Keep in mind that permitting laws vary by state. Check with your local government offices before ordering or building your dream shed to make sure everything is up to code or you obtain a permit, if one is required. Otherwise, you take the risk of incurring a fine, and it may be difficult to sell your home down the road. Once the paperwork is out of the way, you are free to enjoy your new backyard amenity!

Which type of shed would you choose for your backyard? Let us know in the comments below!
2018’s Hottest Backyard Amenity: Detached Living Spaces
Posted on May 21 2018 – 1:55pm by Liz Dominguez

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